Glory Bound !
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Glory Bound ! Thank You dear Jesus - I'm Glory Bound ! Lost ..then Found - through Your suffering and Your seeking, now I'm in Your Keeping - Glory Bound. Now life's got Meaning - I'm Glory Bound !

I used to let my troubles pull me down. I used to weigh my problems - pound by pound. But now my focus is not their weight, now I Worship & Celebrate - Glory Bound ! Each problem's got Purpose, I'm Gory Bound !
Are you worried an' restless with no way out - in a pit of pity drowning yourself in doubts ? Child of God Remember this: your sufferings are never meaningless. You're Glory Bound ! There's Blessings in Brokenness, while Glory Bound.

May we Know not only God's Works, but also His Ways. And His Word is greater than what you feel, while   satan's birds of prey only come to steal. So like Abram, drive those birds away & wait upon the Lord as you obey - say Glory Bound ! -- I'm under attack, but Glory Bound !

Soil to be planted must first be tilled & vessels must be emptied, so they can be Filled. Dear friend, your heart's the vessel, your soul's the ground - like Abram keep watch on your sacrifice, be Glory Bound !
Cause with the ploughin' & the fillin' .. will come Pain. As satan tempts, you just remain - Glory Bound ! Dare to be a Daniel, Dare to stand alone, Dare to take God for His Word & make it known.

God's Revelations become just information when we don't obey - stay Glory Bound ! .. Follow the facts, not your feelings - stay Glory Bound !

May you weigh life's Tinsel & it's Treasure - where will tinsel be found Eternity ? Life is about Living Forever ! Will it have measure ? May it be Glory Bound, Glory Bound !

Oh, join God's people in Ministry, may you become the Saint you were Born to be. Life's been given to you with Purpose in Mind. And to every purpose God also gives Time. Time to do - what's Glory Bound !
Oh, we need each other - God made us that way. May we Believe and Belong for one another, as a Family Glory Bound !

So brothers & sisters whenever you get down - remember in Glory, You'll wear a Crown ! .. So shout these 2 words together - they'll get you thru & keep a focus on the .. Real You - 'Glory  Bound' !

Oh, Share your story of Christ's Glory - May thru You - Many now lost .. Be Found in the Family of the Glory Bound ! May your Life have Purpose with the Glory Bound ..
                                                                                                                                                           Dave W. Easter

If you don't know your purpose in life,
someone will give you theirs. Know